Prosper Calgary Initiative

Prosper Calgary Initiative is a Third Party Advertisement Group registered with the City Of Calgary to participate in the 2021 Municipal Elections. We are a group made up of Calgarians of diverse professional practice, origin, creed, and gender. We seek to support candidates for Calgary’s municipal Election 2021, whose political agenda, we believe, are oriented for the benefit of all Calgarians.

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Our vision statement

Prosper Calgary Initiative (PCI)

has a vision to inspire, support, and project excellent leadership in public office aspirants in Alberta, particularly, the City of Calgary.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Prosper Calgary Initiative (PCI)

is to identify candidates of impeccable leadership ability, experience, and qualification for election into public offices in the Province of Alberta. We project and support worthy candidates for election into public office by engaging in political advertising to promote our selected candidates.

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